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Heraeus AMLOY moves its headquarters to Karlstein


Hanau, Germany - Heraeus AMLOY is moving from the Heraeus site in Hanau to the Innovation Park in Karlstein am Main on 1 January. From now on, all Heraeus AMLOY employees will work in one building at the new location.

"It is important for us to have a production environment in which we can react quickly and flexibly to our customers' wishes," explains Jürgen Wachter, Head of Heraeus AMLOY. "The new site offers us every opportunity to do this and also gives us room for future growth."


Opening of the site in Karlstein
Opening of the Site in Karlstein

Heraeus AMLOY specialises in the development of amorphous alloys and the production of amorphous components using injection moulding and 3D printing. Amorphous metals combine properties that were previously mutually exclusive. They are created by the shock freezing of metallic melts. The atoms do not have the opportunity to form a crystalline lattice and solidify disordered (amorphous). The material is extremely strong and at the same time highly elastic, has very good spring properties, is extremely corrosion-resistant and shock-absorbent. This makes amorphous metals the ideal material for wear-resistant drive components, stable suspensions, membranes for sensor technology or housings for consumer electronics.

Group picture of Heraeus Amloy 2020
Group picture of Heraeus Amloy 2020

The new company address of Heraeus AMLOY:

Heraeus AMLOY Technologies GmbH
Seligenstädter Street 100
63791 Karlstein am Main