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Amorphous Alloys in the Lifestyle Industry 

Amorphous metals bring a host of advantages to lifestyle products. Their unique atomic structure lends them remarkable strength and durability and makes them highly resistant to wear and corrosion. This means that lifestyle products, such as jewelry and accessories, fashioned from amorphous metals can maintain their pristine appearance for prolonged periods, offering long-lasting value to consumers. These amorphous alloys permit the realization of intricate and precise designs. This characteristic facilitates the crafting of visually captivating and innovative lifestyle products, allowing for the production of items that are both beautiful and durable. These properties contribute to improved performance and efficiency, offering consumers products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional – for long-lasting and visually appealing items that align with contemporary lifestyle preferences.

Waerables made of amorphous metal

Amorphous metals are ideal for sleek and durable wearables. They provide robust protection for sensitive electronic components within compact wearable designs, ensuring durability and reliability for the users. Their inherent antibacterial properties promote improved hygiene, while their low thermal conductivity enhances comfort during extended wear. 


  • High storage capacity of elastic energy and low damping ratio
  • Touch: Skin-friendly anti-bacterial properties and good haptic experience due to low thermal conductivity
  • Durability: High scratch and wear resistance
  • Design: Freedom of geometric design and manufacturability within tight tolerances


Sennheiser IE600 3D-printed from the amorphous alloy ZR01

Amorphous metals in jewellery components

Amorphous alloys enable the production of distinctive timepieces with intricate and precise designs. Their exceptional hardness and strength not only ensures the protection of the interior but also provides lasting durability and resistance to wear.


  • Uniqueness: Exceptional material class for high-quality appearances
  • Surface: From highly shiny to deliberately structured
  •  Strength: Protection of most sensitive technologies in miniaturized space and housing designs
  • Long-time stability: Extraordinary corrosion resistance for consistent performance and appearance


Amorphous watch case by Oskar Pascal, which was produced using the 3D printing process

Amorphous metals used for musical instruments

Musical instruments achieve a new level of sound quality with amorphous metals. Thanks to their low damping capacity, they can transmit vibrations with virtually no loss. This means that every note can sound with exceptional clarity and precision. The minimal damping of the vibrations allows the sounds to develop freely and unrestrained, resulting in increased resonance and a lively sound.

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Experience the rich tones of our 3D-printed guitar bridge crafted from amorphous metal, effortlessly blending cutting-edge technology with exceptional sound quality.


  • Design: Freedom of geometric design and manufacturability within tight tolerances
  • Elasticity: Reliable transmitter or resonator of high amounts of elastic energy


Guitar bridge made from amorphous alloys via 3D printing

Amorphous metals for sports gear

Amorphous metals are becoming increasingly popular for use in sports equipment. With their exceptional strength, elasticity and  the ability to create intricate and precise designs, they offer an exciting opportunity to improve the performance of sports gear. This enables sports equipment to align with athletes' demands for high-performance gear, ultimately enhancing the functionality and efficiency of sports equipment.