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Amorphous Alloys in Sensor Technology

The high demands on reliable sensitivity, fatigue strength, miniaturization possibilities as well as corrosion resistance and material hysteresis span the field of challenges with which materials of modern sensor systems are confronted. Particularly in measurement technology, where strain and elasticity are the main functions, the key to a reliable and accurate measurement range lies in a large, precisely defined elastic material behavior. This is exactly where components made of amorphous metals come into play and, in addition to narrower dimensions of the overall assembly, achieve equally accurate measurement results even in low-pressure ranges under the same load and with the same deformation. Due to their low hysteresis and good temperature resistance, amorphous metals also surpass the values of conventional materials.

Advantages of Amorphous Metals:

  • Sensitivity: Higher accuracy, high resolution in low pressure ranges
  • Miniaturization: Smaller diaphragm diameter, smaller assemblies, complex geometries
  • Reliability: Low hysteresis, corrosion resistance, no significant temperature effects (under Tg)


  • Pressure sensors
  • Diaphragms
  • Load cells
  • Force transducers